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Imperial and Metric Drill Size Charts

By Paul Churchill

After seeing the drill chart presented by R.G. Sparber in the March 2012 Machinist’s Workshop pass-along email, I began thinking that there should be two versions of the table and set about working something up based on Stuart Winsor and Rick Sparber’s work. My two charts function the same as Mr. Sparber’s and I suggest the readers take a look at his tip for directions on using the charts.

My first chart, “Imperial Drill Size,” incorporates metric sizes in the “Drill Size” column. I have also included the imperial equivalent in the “Decimal” column (“Inch” column on my chart).

For those who consider themselves metric lovers, the same information but with all metric in the “Decimal” column is included in the chart, “Metric Drill Size.” The metric table requires 13 columns and is best printed out in Landscape format. The imperial chart is designed to be printed out in Portrait format.

Imperial Drill Size
Metric Drill Size

For a download of Mr. Churchill’s charts, please click on the images above or visit the Downloads section of our website. Mr. Sparber’s chart is also available there under the title, "A New Form of Drill Table."


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