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Improvements for a Screwless Vise

By Robert Beason

PhotoA few simple items have made the set up and use of my screwless vise much easier.

PhotoThe first thing I did was replace the clamp shown in Photo 1. The original clamp is seen below the new one in the photo. The new part cannot twist in the pathway and is forced to lock squarely into the notches (Photo 2).

The next task was to get rid of the hex wrench used for tightening and replace it with a T-handle wrench (Photo 3).

Photo Photo

Then, I made some vise hold-downs or, what I call, "barrel clamps." Photo 4 shows the completed barrel clamps in use.

PhotoA tool tray with an attached swarf shield sits next to the vise on the mill when in use (Photo 5).

Sometimes it's the simple things that can make a big difference in the shop and these improvements were certainly worth the effort.

No Obligation Issue

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