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November/December 2018

Model Engineering Up-close
at Cabin Fever

The annual Cabin Fever Expo will take place over the weekend of January 18-20 in just two months. This show has been the premier model engineering event for many years. I will be there to help out in the Village Press booth – please stop by to say hi. You can also renew your subscription to Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading at a discounted price.

Photo 4

The November/December 2018 issue of LSOR featured an article by Todd and Jennifer Sestero about the 2018 show. The authors sent many more photos than we could use in the magazine, so I’d like to share a few more of them here.

Photo 2Many of them were detail photos of one particular steam engine – the incredible USS Monitor engine by Rich Carlstedt. Todd was particularly fascinated with this model, and rightly so. In the article he said, “It is a beautiful scratch built 1/16th scale model that took him 10 years to research, seven years to create, and everything is made by him except for a few of the bolts (36 to be exact) and the rivets. The only non-functional items are the three steam pressure gauges.”

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Presented here are some of Todd’s detail photos, all of this one engine. Please take a few moments to enjoy the talents of one model engineer that are on display in these images.

I hope these photos provide inspiration and enjoyment. I’m sure more of each will be found at the 2019 Cabin Fever Expo. See you there!

–David Brush, LSOR Editor

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No Obligation Issue

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