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A Tiny Nozzle

By James Donnelly


Many of my projects include drilling and tapping blind 2-56 threads. Once the tapping operation is complete, it’s sometimes a challenge to get all the oil and shavings out of the hole so the screw will turn to the bottom without obstruction. What’s needed is a small dose of low pressure air. To facilitate this, I turned a brass plug for an air nozzle and soldered in a 3/4” length of 1/16” diameter brass rod (Photo 1, right). Once mounted on the nozzle, the amount of air delivered is just enough to clear out a small threaded hole (Photo 2, below).


I originally thought the nozzle would be a temporary item just for small holes. Instead, the nozzle has acquired permanent residence on the airline next to my mill. A gentle puff of air is often handy for gently clearing away chips without using a huge blast of air at full pressure from the compressor.

Two notes of importance: First, remember that you’re about to launch chips into the air, so your eyes should be protected by safety glasses. I typically hold the part to direct the debris in a safe direction. Second, when there’s oil in the hole you’re likely going to get some on the shop apron you cleverly put on to protect that nice shirt you forgot to change before going into the shop.

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