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Adding a Laser to Your Band Saw

By Scott Strampe

My eyesight not being what it once was, I am always struggling to line up a mark with my horizontal band saw blade.

One day at a local home store, an idea came to me. I bought a cheap (less than $15) 24” level with a built-in laser. The laser had the ability to be set to project a dot or a line. 1

I took the level home and cut it off just beyond the battery compartment (about 6” long) to help it fit the saw. It uses two AAA batteries.

I set it to project a line and clamped it to the guide arm above the blade. A little adjustment was needed but the line now projects onto the part, showing clearly where the blade is going to cut. This has been a great improvement to the saw. I hope it helps you! 2

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