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A Screwdriver Bit for your Chuck

By Andre Delisle

Here is a very handy trick. I guess many of us know about it, but I think those who don’t use it might be interested. It’s a small, electric screwdriver with a shop-made bit to fit my key chuck. Mine is a Black & Decker Smart Driver; other makes would work as well.


I cut a 1-1/4” length of 5/16” square rod, which is the size of my key chuck, drilled one end 3/4” deep and press fit one of the hexagonal bits that came with the tool. Voila! Put the bit on and you’re ready. It saves a lot of time when working with a 5C collet chuck or when you reverse your jaws on a self-centering chuck. Of course, I always start by hand with the key for one or two turns to avoid cross-threading. As a bonus you still can use the tool for driving screws.


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