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Making Life a Little Easier When Using a Hacksaw to Cut Metal

By Leonard Davis

Most of us have a powered source to cut metal, be it band saw or disc type. However, now and then it’s just as easy to use a hacksaw. Anyone who has ever used one to cut metal knows what a pain in the arm it can be, thus the nickname Armstrong. Use a hacksaw for any length of time and your arms may not be strong but they will be tired.


Using a good, sharp blade that is right for the work you intend to do is the first order of business in getting the working end of a hacksaw together. Even with the proper sharp blade, cutting with a hacksaw is still not a lot of fun. There is hope though – a little drill and tapping fluid applied with a chip brush can make this task much easier to accomplish and also lessen the dulling process of your blade. Oh, and cutting is a lot smoother.

I use a small brush to apply the tapping fluid to both the blade and the workpiece.


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