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A Big Jig for Your Diamond Toolholder

by John Viggers

I have been very impressed with the Diamond Toolholder for the lathe and I have bought several sizes, in both the left- and right-hand patterns.

There came a time when I needed an extra sharpening jig and rather than wait for one to be posted to me, I made my own. I machined the square slot in a piece of 40 x 10mm bar, intending to cut it down to size. However, I used the oversize jig and found I prefer the big jig to the one supplied by the manufacturer.

The larger jig offers several advantages over the normal one. One of the greatest advantages is it keeps my fingers farther away from the grinding wheel, a safety factor. It also acts as a heat sink for the tool steel being sharpened and my fingers stay cooler.

Plus, the big jig is easier to hold perpendicular to the grinding wheel and is easier to hold flat on the grinder’s tool rest; making it is less likely to twist and jam between the wheel and the rest. The only thing I would do differently would be to position the slot a little closer to the middle of the bar.

If you have a Diamond Toolholder, give the big jig a try!

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