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Digital Machinist


Index Organization

By Dietrich Kanzler

After struggling with finding specific drill bits in my index boxes, I did a minor reorganization that makes it faster and easier to pick out the bit I want.Photo

Generally, all drills are placed in the indexes with the point up. For the fractional index, I put all the multiples of 1/16” in the index point down. For example, the 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, etc. bits are point down. This way one drill to each side is either 1/64” larger or smaller. The one that is point up in the middle is 1/32” larger or smaller.

In the letter drill index, every vowel size drill is point down. Photo

In the number drill index, every multiple of five is point down.

This system works very well for me, with my 65 year-old eyes and grey hair disease!

No Obligation Issue

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