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Digital Machinist


Holding Parallels in Place

By Marc Giroux

Here is a simple and quick way to hold parallels in place while removing/installing the workpiece.

I came up with this idea after realizing I was wasting too much time clamping every little part because I had to reposition the parallels for each one. Since I had about 20 parts to modify, I needed a better way.

PhotoWalking by the trashcan, I noticed some packaging foam squeezed inside of a cardboard box. If it can be squeezed, it can push back. Ta da! The light came on!

The next day, a colleague of mine was using the idea for himself so I decided to share it with all of you.

New Videos from Richard Conley

Richard Conley, a long-time subscriber, has submitted a number of videos featuring animated solid models of engines presented in both The Home Shop Machinist and Digital Machinist.

The videos are available at our websites, and Once opened, you can toggle the Repeat function for a continuous view.Photo

Our thanks go out to Richard Conley for these great videos and the spectacular CAD work they are based on!

No Obligation Issue

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